Team Building & Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Education & The Curriculum

Outdoor and adventurous activities can satisfy many aspects of the curriculum not only where it is compulsory in physical education.  Other subject areas that can benefit include geography, history, science, art & design, citizenship plus PSHE.

Certain activities can lead to accreditation through the National Governing Body of the sport or help teaching staff to work towards accreditation through the exam boards such as Physical Education at GCSE level in Orienteering, Climbing, Canoeing and Archery.

Let us understand your students' learning aims and objectives, and we can put together a programme to make the learning come alive through practical experience.

  • We're registered with Lancashire County Council
  • We hold an AALS license
  • All instructors have been DBS clearance
  • Written risk assessments for all activities are available
  • We hold Professional Indemnity Civil Liability & Employers Liability Insurance cover


Case Study - Read St John's Primary School

Children from Read St. John’s CE Primary School attended Outdoor Elements in Simonstone, to complement and enhance their learning of the Stone Age.  80 children from years 3 to 5 rotated around 3 topic areas for an exciting day of learning outside the classroom environment.  They hunted using stones, spears and hand-made bow and arrows, and their discussion led to why in modern times we now have farms; they created shelter using natural materials found in the woodland and discussed the importance of shelter; and they gathered to create fire for cooking.  The children sampled Bannock bread which they cooked over the fire and also tried nettle soup.  The year three teacher, Mrs Raynor said “The programme was perfectly tailored to suit us and the children achieved the objective of having a stone age experience and came away with a clearer understanding”.  The event was funded by Friends of Read School, and is just one of the ways the children benefit from additional learning opportunities provided by school fundraising.


Case Study - Barrowford Primary School

A group of 30, Year 2 pupils visited Outdoor Elements with the objective of enhancing their learning on Robin Hood.

The woodland at Outdoor Elements provided the perfect replica of Sherwood Forest giving the children a realistic experience of living in the woodland.  Activities included all the essential skills of Robin and his Merry Men.

There was making fire and using it to cook bread; and of course learning to shoot an arrow with a bow.  The pupils also learned to navigate through woods using maps and found all the characters from the legend of Robin Hood along the way.

This Outdoor Education Programme started at 10am and finished at 2.30pm, the group completed 4 activities;

Archery                Den building                      Picture orienteering                      Fire lighting / Bannock bread making

Each activity was linked to their curriculum learning of Robin Hood to create an experiential learning experience.


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