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What is Scrambling?

Scrambling is the crossover from walking to climbing. It involves climbing over, around and through jumbled rocks, boulders or rocky hillsides and ridges in mountainous areas. Scrambling may also encompass activities known as Bouldering and Weaselling. Bouldering is performing rock climbing moves at low level without the use of ropes. Weaselling is a bit like caving but above ground. The idea is to find gaps and holes between boulders to wriggle and squeeze through.

This activity is a great for teams to work together and encourage each other and for individuals to show leadership. This is a good option for an activity in the colder months as the group is kept moving at all times and the activity can be done in lots of warm clothing.

Learning Outcomes

Team work, enjoyment, listening skills, communication, encouragement and support, carrying out instructions, risk awareness, personal safety, environmental awareness, personal preparation, increased self esteem and confidence, exercise and awareness of physiology, safety awareness, responsibility for own safety and others' safety, shared experience, geographical awareness, willingness to try, learn about wildlife and the natural environment, new skills, new hobbies, personal development, sense of achievement.

Age: 8+
Duration: 1-3 hours


Outdoor Elements works on a mobile basis and depending on how far you would like to travel can offer team building and outdoor pursuits at various venues across Lancashire, the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, South & West Pennines, Ribble Valley and Greater Manchester.

Scrambling is great for schools and can include many curriculum learning outcomes including geography and science.

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