Puzzled in the Woods

Outdoor Elements Business team building events in Lancashire


What is Puzzled in the Woods?

The team has a strict time limit to attempt to complete Puzzled in the Woods. There are a number of puzzles to complete, each one requiring a different skill.  Some are physical, some are more cognitive challenges.  They all require team work to succeed. Outdoor Elements instructors will ensure the rules of the game are followed and the team will have to start the task again if the rules have been broken. To help in their mission, the team may pass, simplify or ‘ask the instructor’.

These lifelines may only be used once however and it’s a smart team that plays these at the right time. As the clock counts down the excitement builds. Can your team do it? There’s only one way to find out!

Learning Outcomes of Puzzled in the Woods

Team work, communication, leadership, self awareness, reviewing, encouragement and support, mutual respect, listening skills, carrying out instructions, risk awareness, awareness and consideration of others, work ethic, personal preparation, self esteem, problem solving and analytical skills, responsibility, shared experience, willingness to try, new skills, personal development, sense of achievement.


Outdoor Elements has an outdoor activity centre set within a 7-acre woodland in Lancashire. Puzzled in the Woods is one of the activities available.


Great as part of a mission within one of our team building programmes.  Works really well within an outdoor
education session.