Activities at your Site

Depending upon the space available at your site; we can offer archery, problem solving, shelter building and fire lighting.


For us to offer archery at your site we require an area at least 10m x 10m.  This could be on a field or play ground or in a sports hall.

‘Have-a-go’ archery for lots of participants

The participants would be introduced to the equipment and given some basic coaching to help them hit the target. It usually takes about six arrows to practice and pick up the very basic skill. With each person allowed to shoot 9 arrows the best three arrows would be taken as their score. This will usually take about 10 minutes and 1 instructor can work with up to 6 people shooting at three targets. So in 1 hour, 1 instructor could get through 36 participants. This would literally just allow people to have a go but this way we can get through a lot of people in a day.

Longer archery sessions

For a greater overall experience we would suggest the day is organised into sessions with a group attending each session. 1 hour sessions will allow the group to learn some basic technique and to really start hitting the target. We would also play some fun archery based games to enhance the experience and have a mini competition to present archery as the sport that it is. We are happy to work with 12 participants on the range with 1 instructor at any one time.  4 times 1 hour sessions with 12 participants would mean 48 people get to take part through the day.


We have problem solving resources that can be used indoors and outdoors.  Working in small teams (up to 10) there are a range of physical and cognitive tasks to explore team dynamics and the process of plan-do-review.  This session can also be presented as a fun competition between teams.

It is possible for Outdoor Elements to bring multiple instructors or utilise your staff to have more than one team working at once.

We also have problem solving kit to purchase so that you can run sessions yourself.  Click here to see more.


This session requires an outdoor space, ideally with some trees or woodland, but can also be presented in any open space.

Sessions may include; shelter building using natural or man-made materials, fire lighting and the triangle of combustion, plus sources of food and water and their importance for our survival. Learning can be related to our modern lives compared to people elsewhere in the world living more of a survival existence or to enhance an appreciation, understanding and connection to the natural world and what it provides for us.

This would be an instructor led session, with one instructor working with up to 10 participants per session.  A session would be a minimum of 40 minutes up to 90 minutes.

Additional Info

  • Outdoor Elements is a registered centre at LCC (EV231)
  • All instructors are fully trained/qualified in the activity, have been DBS cleared and are first-aid trained
  • Outdoor Elements staff will provide all activity, safety and emergency equipment
  • Written risk assessments are available for all activities
  • We hold Professional Indemnity Civil Liability & Employers Liability Insurance cover