Shelter Building / Fire Lighting

Clitheroe food festival - baking bread on a camp fire


This session requires an outdoor space, ideally with some trees or woodland, but can also be presented in any open space.

Sessions include; shelter building using natural or man-made materials, fire lighting and the triangle of combustion, plus sources of food and water and their importance for our survival. Learning can be related to our modern lives compared to people elsewhere in the world living more of a survival existence or to enhance an appreciation, understanding and connection to the natural world and what it provides for us.

This would be an instructor led session, with one instructor working with up to 10 participants per session. A session would be a minimum of 40 minutes up to 90 minutes.

Learning outcomes for shelter building / fire lighting

Enjoyment, team work, communication, leadership, listening skills, carrying out instructions, risk awareness, personal safety, environmental awareness, work ethic, personal preparation, self esteem, problem solving and analytical skills, safety awareness, responsibility, shared experience, geographical awareness, willingness to try, learn about wildlife and the natural environment, new skills, personal development, sense of achievement.