Robin Hood

Bring to life the legend of Robin Hood and live like an outlaw in the woods

The woodland at Outdoor Elements provides the perfect replica of Sherwood Forest giving the children a realistic experience of living in the woodland.  Activities offered will allow the children to try all the essential skills Robin and his Merry Men would have needed.


Practice Robin Hood’s most famous skill of shooting a bow and arrow.  Shoot at targets and play games to defeat the Sheriff’s men.

Den Building

The children will have a go at making their very own forest hide out.

Picture Orienteering

The pupils will learn to navigate through the forest using maps, and find all the characters from the legend of Robin Hood along the way.

Fire Lighting / Bannock Bread Making

The children will make fire and use it to cook a simple bread recipe.

This outdoor education visit can be delivered during the school day (10am – 2.30pm) or extended 9.30am – 4pm.

Each activity met my expectations and the learning outcomes exceeded expectations. Overall, I was so impressed. All the children and staff had a brilliant day of learning and fun.

- Barrowford Primary School