Robin Hood

Bring to life the legend of Robin Hood and live like an outlaw in the woods

The ancient woodland at Outdoor Elements provides the perfect setting for re-enacting life in Sherwood Forest. Activities offered will allow the children to try all the essential skills Robin and his Merry Men would have needed.


Practice Robin Hood’s most famous skill of shooting a bow and arrow.  The children will learn to shoot real bows and arrows at targets and play games to defeat the Sheriff’s men.

Den Building

The children will have a go at making their very own forest hide out. Using tarps and rope as well as natural materials from the forest the children will need to work as a team. They must consider how to build a den that is big enough for their whole gang, as comfortable as possible with seats, a fire, somewhere to sleep and most of all to protect them from the Sheriff’s men. Can they complete the task before the storm arrives?

Picture Orienteering

Learn to navigate the network of forest trails just like Robin Hood. Using maps to find checkpoints on the route the children will find all the characters from the legendary tales of Robin Hood along the way.

Fire Lighting / Bannock Bread Making

The children will make fire using natural materials foraged from the woodland and flint and steel fire lighting techniques. Once the fire is raging we will follow an ancient recipe to bake a simple bread. Each child will cook their own bread on a stick right over the open fire. With a little patience and time to tell tales round the fire, once baked the fresh bread can be drizzled with some of Friar Tuck’s special honey before being eaten straight off the stick. Yum!

This outdoor education visit can be delivered during the school day (10am – 2.30pm) or extended 9.30am – 4pm.

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Each activity met my expectations and the learning outcomes exceeded expectations. Overall, I was so impressed. All the children and staff had a brilliant day of learning and fun.

- Barrowford Primary School