The Great Outdoors

An adventurous curriculum linked programme aimed at Reception to Year 3.

The Outdoor Elements Great Outdoors programme is a full day of interactive outdoor learning split into 3 sessions. Working in groups of up to 12, the children travel through our natural woodland environment to explore, discover and survive in the Great Outdoors.


Discover what lives in the Great Outdoors – Using the diverse range of natural environments present in our mixed woodland there are 2 elements to this session:

1) a stream dip to find a range of swimming bugs. The children will be amazed at the abundance of life hidden in the stream. Using the simple method of kick sampling with wellies and a fishing net the stream will literally come to life in front of the children’s eyes. The catch is carefully placed into our bug swimming pool for everyone to have a look at the weird and wonderful creatures. Using the example of the May fly we will learn about the life cycle and food cycles within the stream environment.

2) bug hunt – lifting logs and stones to identify crawling and slithering bugs (children love this!!) First the team will need to track down and catch the range of bugs by thinking like a bug. The children are guided in how to safely capture the tiny creatures and place them in our temporary bug hotel so that we can observe them up close. Children will be encouraged to get hands on with the critters and discover that they are not so scary. Using the example of the earth worm we will discuss with the children the importance of these creatures in the wider ecosystem and our responsibilities to care for the environment they live in.

EXPLORE Choose option A, B, or C

(A) Terrific Tree Tour – navigating using a simple map, the children will be guided on an exciting circular walk through our woodland to explore different tree species.  The children will be tasked with identifying trees by their leaves and studying leaf identification charts. The children will be encouraged to use all their senses including taste, touch and smell to learn about our leafy friends and understand what trees and plants do for us.


(B) Welly Walk Adventure – the group will be guided on an exciting welly walk along the length of our stream. On the way they will need to splash through shallow pools, scramble over rocks and climb over and under fallen tree branches. Obstacles such as the Gruffalos Cave, the Log of Doom and the Slippery Slabs make this a true adventure.


(C) Saving Cyril – Cyril is our friendly Squirrel who has lost his way home. Can you help Cyril find his way safely home? This guided story trail through the woodland will take the children to explore the different animals that live in the wood and how the food chain works. (perfect for Early years – Year 1)


Surviving in the Great Outdoors – there are 2 elements to this session 1) working as a team to build a shelter using tarps, ropes and sticks in order to survive the impending storm. It’s going to literally bucket it down! 2) experience foraging and using natures seasonal ingredients to bake their own bread over a camp fire. Fun and delicious!

This day can be delivered to fit into normal school hours (10am – 2.30pm) or extended between 9.30am – 4pm.

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The facilities are excellent. The children really enjoyed the whole day. I'm sure we will see you again soon.

- Briercliffe Primary School

The children learnt whilst having fun. The best way to learn! Just a thoroughly enjoyable day. Thanks to everyone.

- Wheatley Lane Primary School

The feedback following the school trip from both children and parents has been overwhelming. The activities were well planned and matched the age and abilities of the children, along with the appropriate curriculum targets.

- Wellfield Primary School

Fantastic. What an enjoyable day we all had (staff and children). We will be back.

- Sabden Primary School