Viking Raiders Day

An exciting curriculum linked outdoor activity programme aimed at Years 3-6.

The Outdoor Elements Viking Raiders outdoor education programme is a full day of interactive learning split into 3-4 sessions. The children will be working in groups of up to 10, being led by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructors to travel back in time to experience Viking Britain around 1200 years ago. Set in our ancient woodland the children will take part in outdoor activities to experience what it may have been like to live like a Viking.

Shelter Building

The Vikings invaded Britain from the North Sea. The children will set up their first Viking camp using materials found naturally in the woodland along with equipment brought with them in the Longships. After finding a suitable location for their settlement the children will have a go at putting up a basic frame work with a tarp cover over. They will also need to consider defence from rival clans.

Bread Making

The Vikings who settled in Britain were farmers of animals and crops. On this session the children will consider how the Vikings cultivated the land to grow crops including a variety of grains to make bread. Using basic ingredients, the children will have a go at making their very own Viking bread on a real fire. Once baked, the children have the option of drizzling the fresh bread with honey before enjoying eating like a Viking.


The Vikings were expert voyagers navigating across seas and oceans and discovering new lands. Using maps to navigate through the woodland on a quest to find the picture locations, the children will learn on their own voyage about how the Vikings believed in Gods, Myths and legends to keep them safe on their journeys into the unknown.


The Viking invaders were feared as they raided new lands with violence and disregard for other cultures. The children will learn about the weapons the Vikings used and have a go at throwing spears at targets. The children will also experience the best of the Anglo Saxon defence of the Viking invaders by learning to shoot a real bow and arrows.

This day can be delivered during the school day (10am – 2.30pm) with 3 activities or extended 9.30am – 4pm to do all 4 activities.

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Staff at the centre worked exceptionally hard to ensure all objectives were met and linked to our Viking theme.

- Sacred Heart Primary School

Moments like this show how important learning outside the classroom is. We give our children as many opportunities and experiences as we possibly can. Those small moments of WOW and self achievement which our pupils will remember forever!

- Barden Primary School