Induction Programmes

A powerful way of bringing individuals together

Our activities are an excellent way to bring groups of new people together in an informal and neutral environment.  For example;

Year 7 Induction Days

Outdoor Elements is experienced at creating team building outdoor activity sessions for Year 7 students to support the school’s induction programme.

As the children will come from a variety of primary schools there will be a lot for the children to take in; new school, new regime, new friends etc.

To help the children settle quickly and also for their form tutors to get to know their personalities, student induction days can be very beneficial to all.

Working with up to 80 students per day they will split into groups of 10-11 and rotate around a number of team building exercises.  Typically a day would look like this:

  • Arrive at 9.30am
  • Depart at 3.00pm (although there is an option to stay until 4.00pm)
  • Activities: problem solving challenges set up in the woodland; archery and high rope elements
  • 30 minutes to eat their packed lunch
  • Free tea & coffee for staff

The day will have many benefits to the children including;

  • increase in confidence
  • getting to know others
  • a chance to shine
  • develop problem solving skills
  • improved communication skills and team work

Site and facilities brilliant. Thank you so much and see you next year!

- Ribblesdale School

Students cam back enthused, confident and feeling that they had overcome personal challenges.

- Sir John Thursby Community College

Sir John Thursby Community College visit Outdoor Elements with their new Year 7 intake.  Here are some of the comments from the pupils:

  • “It was good because it gave us the opportunity to work with and speak to people that we wouldn’t do normally."
  • “The activities required physical hard work, problem solving skills and team work; plus we needed to be resilient."
  • “We all returned to school having been inspired, challenged and realising that we now knew each other a lot better and could work as a team and support each other in different situations."
  • “During the day some of us had realised we could lead a challenge, most of us had faced personal fears and all of us learnt that we could work well as part of a team and should try anything no matter how difficult it seemed."