Benefits of Team Building

Each Outdoor Elements team building programme is tailor-made in conjunction with you to ensure we deliver a day that meets with your aims and objectives. Here are some of the powerful learning outcomes of outdoor activity team building:

For the individual:

  • Increase in self confidence and self esteem
  • promote and develop positive attitudes
  • identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • develop enjoyment and respect of the outdoors
  • provide physical and mental challenges
  • encourage a work ethic
  • awareness of self and personal image
  • ability to reflect on and review experiences
  • awareness of others
  • risk assessment skills and management of personal safety
  • responsibility for others safety
  • experience sense of achievement and success
  • promotion of healthy lifestyle and active pursuits

For groups:

  • improved teamwork and working relationships
  • promote leadership
  • demonstrate and develop effective communication
  • lead to more efficient working practices
  • foster encouragement and support of others
  • develop respect for others in the group
  • increase team morale
  • problem solving and analytical skills
  • shared experiences and development of friendships
  • experience shared success and sense of achievement
  • encourage openness and honesty within teams
  • identify strengths and weaknesses