Stone Age / Early Civilisation

An exciting curriculum linked programme aimed at years 3 and 4.

The Outdoor Elements Stone Age outdoor education experience, is a full day event split into 3 fully interactive sessions. The children will be working in groups of up to 12, being led by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructors who will guide the group on a journey to travel back in time around 10,000 years. Set in our ancient woodland the outdoor activities are designed to help the children learn what it may have been like to live in the Stone Age. A very popular outdoor education experience delivered to years 3 & 4.


This session will cover why early humans needed shelter for protection from the elements.  We start by finding natural shelter in the woodland such as hollowed out trees and finding an actual cave. Then progress to building shelter using natural materials such as sticks and rocks.  As we make our way further along the timeline the children will experience how early nomadic humans used other materials like animal skins and natural ropes to build their very own Stone Age shelter design of tents and tipis. Will their shelter keep them all safe and dry when the storm arrives?


This session focuses on how early people would forage for edible plants. Depending on the time of year the children will be able to find and taste some edible plants found in our woodland. We will consider how as time went on humans developed ways of farming by cultivating and growing edible plants such as wheat to produce flour to make bread. This will lead the children to the fire area to have a go at making fire using friction as well as flint and steel. This will cover the triangle of combustion and use of wood as a fuel.  Once the fire has been successfully lit the group will have a go at cooking bread incorporating any seasonal foraged ingredients, for example, wild garlic. Delicious!


This session will look at the problem early people had of catching animals to eat.  This will look at the development of weapons from rocks and sticks to bow and arrows.  The group will experience how simple weapons were made from natural materials and practice aiming at wild animal targets. Ultimately the children will get to use the greatest Stone Age invention and progress to using a bow and arrow. Furthermore this session leads us to discuss why early people developed farming of animals to avoid the need to hunt and how this is still relevant in our modern lives.

This day can be delivered during the school day (10am – 2.30pm) or extended between 9.30am – 4pm.

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Year 3 travelled back in time to the Stone Age during a fantastic day at Outdoor Elements. They made great hunter-gathers trying different ways to find food and capture animals as well as making bread, toasting it over a fire and working together to create different shelters. It was such a fun and fantastic day!

- Trawden Forest Primary School

The children had an amazing, action-packed day. Thank you for a well-organised and hands-on day for the children to learn outdoors.

- Rosewood Primary School

When it was Stone Age day, I loved every bit of it; hunting, building and gathering. All of them are so fun. I wish I could come next year and do everything again

- Year 3 pupil, Read St John's Primary School