Stone Age / Early Civilisation

An exciting curriculum linked programme aimed at years 3 and 4.

This day is split into 3 sessions and working in groups of up to 12, the children travel through the woodland to learn what it would have been like to live in the Stone Age.


This session will cover why we need shelter to protect from the elements.  We start by finding natural shelter and then progress to building shelter using natural materials such as sticks and rocks.  This is further developed to using other materials like tarps and ropes including various designs; tents and tipis.


This session will look at how early people would forage for edible plants and used fire to cook.

We will discuss how fire was made using friction and flint. This will cover the triangle of combustion and use of wood as a fuel including tree identification.  Once the fire has been successfully lit the group will have a go at cooking bread incorporating any seasonal foraged ingredients, for example, wild garlic. We will discuss how early people started farming to produce flour from wheat.


This session will look at the problem early people had of catching animals to eat.  This will look at the development of weapons from rocks and sticks to bow and arrows.  The group will make a simple weapon from natural materials and practice aiming at targets and progress to using a bow and arrow. Again we discuss why early people developed farming of animals to avoid the need to hunt.

This day can be delivered during the school day (10am – 2.30pm) or extended 9.30am – 4pm.