Primary Education

Outdoor Elements offers exciting school trips and attracts schools from across Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Yorkshire and beyond.  Based in a private woodland in Simonstone, we have vast experience delivering outdoor activity day programmes to all key stages.  Outdoor Elements was established in 2001 and had been operating at Pump House Dean Wood since 2011.

Explore the curriculum linked outdoor activity days we offer below, build your own activity day from our selection of height and land activities or talk to us about your requirements and we would be happy to create an adventurous outdoor activity day for you.

Stone Age / Early Civilisation

Using a range of activities, this day explores how early people would hunt, gather and provide shelter

Survival Themed Days

An introduction to the essentials of human survival using real life stories and adventures from history

The Great Outdoors

Experience living; and explore what lives in the Great Outdoors

Viking Raiders Day

Journey through time to learn how the Vikings came to Britain’s shores and how they lived

Robin Hood

Bring to life the legend of Robin Hood and live like an outlaw in the woods

End of Term School Trips

Create lasting memories by hosting your end of term trip in our beautiful woodland enjoying a range of outdoor activities

end of term school trips