Pick & Mix Adventure

Build your own outdoor activity birthday party by selecting from the activities below: Choose 2 activities for a 2 hour party or 3 activities for an epic 3 hour long party.

Climbing Trees

We have 2 different climbing trees to take on. Both are a 30 foot climb and participants can climb as high as they want to experience the world up in the tree canopy before being lowered safely back to the ground. Can you find your inner squirrel and reach the top?

Crate Stack

This challenge for the whole team is to build the highest stack of crates whilst 1 or 2 brave team mates are stood on the top. Take it in turns to climb the crates whilst the rest of the group work to build the crates up and support the tower before it all comes crashing down. Can you beat the Outdoor Elements record?

Leap of Faith

The ultimate challenge!  Our Leap of Faith is based in a tree.  There are 3 platforms to choose from (the highest being 35 feet high).  Once you have climbed as high as you dare, the challenge is to take the leap and jump off with the aim of touching a ball suspended some distance away.  Once you have made the leap you will be lowered gently back to the ground.

Jacob’s Ladder (age 10+)

Suspended between 2 trees this giant and wobbly ladder is approximately 40 foot tall.  The challenge is for three people to attempt to climb as high up the ladder as they can.  This is one of our most physical tasks and you will need to help each other the higher you climb!

Zip Line

Not just a zip line. Our zip line will leave you buzzing with adrenalin and an experience to be remembered for a long time. A unique way to view the woodland environment. Our zip line starts from a platform 20 feet/ 7 metres up a tree which is accessed by climbing a wobbly rope ladder. From there the zip line extends 300 feet/ 100 metres across a ravine through the woodland canopy to a tree at the far end. Gravity slows the rider down at the far end as the zip line ends by running uphill. The rider will then slide back to the middle of the zip line and eventually come to a stop 30 feet/ 10 metres above the woodland floor. The rider now with the help of the instructor below is lowered back to the ground on a rope system.


The session will start with an introduction to the equipment, and then we’ll get quickly into shooting. Its quick to learn the basic skills and with a bit of coaching you`ll soon be hitting the target. We have loads of archery based games to play and of course points scoring competitions for those with a competitive side. The balloon pop round is always a favourite.

Shelter Building

Can you and your team build a shelter to keep everyone safe and dry when the storm arrives? The equipment includes tarpaulin sheets, ropes and natural materials found in the woodland.  Once the den is complete everyone must rush inside whilst the storm passes overhead.

Fire Lighting

The classic challenge of lighting a fire in the wild! After a simple demonstration can you start your own fire using only a flint and steel some cotton wool and what you can forage from the woods. The next part of the challenge is to keep the fire going long enough to boil a kettle of water to make a hot drink. If the group manage all this there may be a small reward of toasting marshmallows.

Venue Outdoor Elements, Trapp Lane, Simonstone, Burnley, Lancashire, BB12 7JD
Duration 2 or 3 hours
No. Participants 10 minimum; maximum 30
Suitable for ages 8+ years
What’s included
  • Soft drinks
  • Tea & coffee for adults
  • Electronic party invites
  • Free parking
Duration Without Zip Line (Up to 10 people) With Zip Line (Up to 10 people) Extra pp (10+)
2 hours £175 £225 £17.50/£22.50
3 hours £250 £300 £25/£30

The zip line supplement is because an additional instructor is required for this activity.


If you would like food during the party:

  • Bring your own packed lunch OR
  • Order lunch boxes (sandwich, crisps, biscuit) at £3.50 each
How to Book
  • Contact us via email or phone to check availability
  • We issue a booking confirmation, invites, group information form and an invoice
  • Pay £75 deposit to secure the booking
  • Pay the balance 4 weeks before the party date
General Information
  • A kit list would be provided with booking confirmation, but nothing special is required
  • All instructors have been DBS cleared
  • Written risk assessments for all activities are available
  • We hold Professional Indemnity Civil Liability & Employers Liability Insurance cover

All children absolutely loved the crate stack. Instruction delivered with enthusiasm along with care and safety in good measure.

- Pick & Mix party parent