Buy your own problem solving resources

A complete kit to facilitate problem solving activities for 1 to 100+ people

Solving problems is a necessary part of life

Our problem solving boxes can be purchased for you to deliver and facilitate a number of tasks at your site.  We have options for train-the-trainer sessions so our instructors can run the first session and perhaps annual refresher sessions so that the learning outcomes of problem solving can have a lasting impact.

  • Choose from a selection of boxes
  • Up to 32 problem solving tasks
  • Each box is provided with briefing cards for each task
  • Facilitation guidelines on how to run a problem solving session are included
  • Individual tasks can take up to 20 minutes to complete
  • The tasks can be presented in different ways to cater for ages 5 to adult
  • The tasks can be set indoors or outdoors
  • A number of groups can work simultaneously rotating around the tasks
  • Tasks can be revisited and used as a tool to measure progression of a groups team work skills
  • Full ‘train-the-trainer’ sessions available

Team Problem Solving

Excellent for developing team work, initiative, planning, leadership, decision making, listening and communication skills. Plus mutual respect and awareness and consideration of others.

The tasks require the group to work effectively as a team.  It is important to encourage participation by all, perhaps by allowing different people to lead a task.  Reviewing is a critical process too in order to ensure success.  Complete tasks in-line with the problem solving model.

Individual Problem Solving

By completing tasks on your own, additional skills will be learnt and enhanced. They include emotional skills such as patience, self-confidence, self-composure, self-esteem and courage; plus analytical, logistical and logical skills.

To order your box or to discuss in more detail please contact us;
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